Posted by: Polimetla | February 9, 2011


Welcome to DDGEN tool.

This tool is used to generate Data Dictionary, compare Database schema and spell check schema.
Application: Data Dictionary Generator (DDGen)
USA Copyright Number/Date: TXu001755709 / 2011-05-17 (
Author: Bhavani P Polimetla
This software is released under GNU GPL V3 on Sep-04-2010


Download Source / Binaries from


Question: How to run DDGen.jar file?

Step 1:
First download and extract file to ddgen folder.

Step 2:
Download and copy following files to ddgen folder

If exact version is not available, copy similar version files and modify run.bat file.

Step 3:
Modify java home and other versions in run.bat file.
The binaries are compiled using Java 1.5.

Step 4: Enter correct jdbc connection string

Step 5: In Windows
Run run.bat file from command prompt to see the result files.

For Unix/Linux perform the similar steps.


Question: Where and all I can use this tool?
1. Generate Data Dictionary for existing database.
2. Compare QA/Prod environments.
3. Use full in migrating database from version x to version y.
4. During database design, we need to make sure that there is no spelling mistakes in table names, column names, …etc. This tool is useful in giving all strings from schema.


Question: Can we get nice UI?
1. I felt that it is very easy to use through command prompt with compare to UI.
If you have time and interest please take this code and build UI
Also due to licensing issues with Oracle driver, I can’t bundle and build UI at this time.

2. To check the difference, we already have win merge tool (
In Unix/Linux we can use diff command


Question: I am seeing version issues while running the binaries.

To avoid version conflicts, download the source and build ddgen.jar file.
Follow the rest of instructions in readme.txt file.

Please let me know your comments.
If you have any customization requests, please let me know.